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Queen bee marked for a year ending in 2 or 7.

Queen bee marked for a year ending in 2 or 7.

NBBA is the provincial organization that represents the beekeepers of New Brunswick.

The NBBA has many members, including commercial and hobby beekeepers, and other people interested in the association and its activities. There are many great reasons to become a member of the NBBA. Learn more About NBBA…

Honey Bee Expansion Program Available to NBBA Members

The Honey Bee program is now available to members of the NBBA.


This program will provide strategic assistance to foster the development of the New Brunswick honey bee sector.

Deadlines for application: Element A is July 31, 2016 and Element B and Element C is November 4, 2016.

Here is the link to the program details:

English – http://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/services/services_renderer.200877.Advancing_Agriculture_-_Honey_Bee_Expansion_Program.html

Français – http://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/fr/services/services_renderer.200877.Advancing_Agriculture_-_Honey_Bee_Expansion_Program.html


Attention New Brunswick Customers of Country Fields

The Upper Coverdale location of Country Fields Beekeeping Supplies is now closed.  We wish George and Ruth a very happy retirement from the beekeeping supply business and thank them for their many years of service to beekeepers throughout the Atlantic Provinces. Country Fields looks forward to continuing to serve the beekeeping needs of New Brunswickers. Plans are well underway to set up a pick-up depot in Sackville New Brunswick to provide a local point for beekeepers in the area to obtain supplies. Orders can be placed by phone (toll free 1-877-505-6363) or via the new website (coming in 2016!) and will be available for pick-up in Sackville on a 2 week schedule or more frequently if demand warrants.  If the need is more urgent, we ship daily at cost with no mark up, throughout Atlantic Canada. Please keep an eye on our website (countryfields.ca) for more details as they become available.

Country Fields looks forward to continuing to serve the needs of Beekeepers throughout New Brunswick with the same level of services they have been accustomed to.

We look forward to serving you in 2016!

Tim Purdy Country Fields Beekeeping Supplies
To place an order phone: 1-877-505-6363
Website:  http://countryfields.ca

Note From George & Ruth Wheatley, Doré Products Ltd.

We would like to take this opportunity to let the beekeeping community know that after almost 20 years selling beekeeping supplies, we have reached the decision that we will not be continuing on with this in 2016.

This decision was not taken lightly, as we value and enjoy the relationships that have developed over the years with our customers. As most of you know, we sold the beekeeping supply portion of our business, and the name “Country Fields” to Mr. Tim Purdy of Waverley, N.S., in June of 2015. For the past 6 months, we have been selling the bee supplies for Tim from our Upper Coverdale location. In looking at the year ahead however, we felt that to carry on with the bee supplies would keep us busier than we wish to be at this stage in life.

As we are not ready to retire fully as yet, and wish to remain active in the beekeeping industry, we have kept part of our business, and are operating under the name “Doré Products. Ltd.”

We are selling glass and plastic containers (jars and pails, etc.), wholesale and retail honey, and in spring/summer of 2016 we will be selling nucleus colonies and  queens, as well as a few other miscellaneous items.

Although we will be closed for holidays over Christmas and for the month of January, we will re-open the first week of February, 2016. Our web site, www.doreproducts.com is partially developed now, please check there for updates to hours, etc. We are available by phone at 506-387-6804, or by e-mail at george@doreproducts.com or ruth@doreproducts.com , and we are in the same location we always have been at 1848 Route 112, Upper Coverdale, N.B.

We thank you all for your support over these past years, and will look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to You All

George & Ruth Wheatley

Doré Products Ltd. (formerly of Country Fields Beekeeping)

Canadian Beekeeping Convention Hosted by NBBA


2015 Canadian Beekeeping Convention Hosted by NBBA Jan. 28th to 31st.

The New Brunswick Beekeepers Association hosted the 2015 Canadian Beekeeping Convention, Research Symposium, IPM Workshop and Tradeshow, which took place at the Delta Beauséjour Hotel in Moncton, NB, January 28-31, 2015.

Open to the public, many beekeepers and researchers of all skill levels from across the country attended this national beekeeping event.

Power Outages / Pannes de courant

Power Outages:

  • If you lose power, notify NB Power to report the outage call 1 800 663 6272 or visit http://www.nbpower.com/Open/Outages.aspx- (NB Power will not know unless you report the outage)
  • Stay well away from downed power lines
  • Activate your plans according to the displayed restoration time associated to the outage
  • Trained and qualified staff will respond with the right equipment to restore power safely
  • Let NB Power know if you are facing a serious situation on your farm or if a serious situation will occur if your power does not come back for a prolonged period of time.

Planning for you home and operation : http://www.getprepared.gc.ca/

– Identify the risks and develop plans

– Plan for 72 hours of self sufficiency

– Have procedures for notification (employees, customers etc.), emergency operations, generators, compressors, supplies, flood protection etc.

Emergency Measures Organization:

The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NB EMO) co-ordinates preparedness for emergencies. EMO also co-ordinates provincial response operations during emergencies and administers disaster financial assistance programs.

NB EMO: 1-800-561-4034

Website: http://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/departments/public_safety/emo.html

The EMO have assigned coordinators throughout the province: RSC Main Centre Coordinator Contacts
1, 12 Edmundston Bruno Cyr 121 rue d’Église, Edmundston. Bruno.Cyr@gnb.ca (506) 453-2133
2, 3, 4 Bathurst Ken McGee 275 Main St., Suite 400, Bathurst Kenneth.McGee@gnb.ca Phone: 453-2133
5 Miramichi Duane Augustine 1780 Water St.,Miramichi. Duane.Augustine@gnb.ca (506) 453-2133
6, 7 Moncton Mike LeBlanc 414 Collishaw St., Moncton. Mike.LeBlanc2@gnb.ca (506) 453-2133
8, 11 Saint John Brent Whelan 8 Castle St., Saint John. Brent.Whelan@gnb.ca (506) 453-2133
9 & 10 Fredericton Jason Cooling NB EMO, VictoriaHealthCenter. Fredericton. Jason.Cooling@gnb.ca (506) 453-5511

Pannes de courant

  • En cas de panne de courant, signalez la panne à Énergie NB en composant le 1-800-663-6272 ou en visitant le site Web http://www.nbpower.com/Open/Outages.aspx?lang=fr (Énergie NB ne saura pas qu’il y a une panne à moins que vous l’en avisiez).
  • Ne vous approchez pas des lignes électriques tombées.
  • Activez vos plans en fonction de l’heure prévue pour le rétablissement du courant.
  • Un personnel formé et qualifié se présentera avec l’équipement approprié pour rétablir le courant en toute sécurité.
  • Si une situation grave se produit sur votre ferme ou si une panne de courant qui se prolonge met votre ferme dans une situation critique, informez Énergie NB.

Préparez votre domicile et votre exploitation : www.getprepared.gc.ca/

– Déterminez les risques et préparez des plans.

– Planifiez une autonomie de 72 heures.

– Prévoyez des procédures de notification (employés, clients, etc. et services d’urgence) et des procédures concernant les génératrices, les compresseurs, les fournitures, la protection contre les inondations, etc.

Organisation des mesures d’urgence

L’Organisation des mesures d’urgence du Nouveau-Brunswick (OMU-NB) coordonne la protection civile en cas d’urgence. L’OMU coordonne aussi les mesures d’interventions provinciales en cas d’urgence et administre les programmes d’aide financière en cas de catastrophe.

OMU-NB : 1-800-561-4034

Site Web : http://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/fr/ministeres/securite_publique/omu.html

L’OMU a affecté des coordonnateurs aux différentes régions de la province. CSR Centre Principal Coordonnateur Personnes-ressources
1, 12 Edmundston Bruno Cyr 121 rue de d’Église, Edmundston. Bruno.Cyr@gnb.ca (506) 453-2133
2, 3, 4 Bathurst Ken McGee 275 rue Main, bureau 400, Bathurst Kenneth.McGee@gnb.ca Phone: 453-2133
5 Miramichi Duane Augustine 1780 rue Water, Miramichi. Duane.Augustine@gnb.ca (506) 453-2133
6, 7 Moncton Mike LeBlanc 414 rue Collishaw, Moncton. Mike.LeBlanc2@gnb.ca (506) 453-2133
8, 11 Saint John Brent Whelan 8 rue Castle, Saint John. Brent.Whelan@gnb.ca (506) 453-2133
9 & 10 Fredericton Jason Cooling OMU NB, Centre de santé Victoria, Fredericton. Jason.Cooling@gnb.ca (506) 453-5511