Pollinator Protection

Pollinator ProtectionPrice: $32.00

Description: Back by popular demand, Pollinator Protection: A Bee & Pesticide Handbook is a summary of extensive laboratory research and field testing of insecticides and other pesticides on honey bees and other bee pollinators. The authors review miticides and other chemicals used by beekeepers, as well as those commonly used in the agricultural industry. This is a faithful reprint and, though the chemicals used may have changed since its original publication in 1990, the lessons and protection techniques described herein are well applied to current practices.

Go to http://www.wicwas.com/books and scroll down the page to find this title. In the bar across the top you will find ordering and payment instructions.


$5.00 plus shipping to purchase a glossy copy from Oregon State or Washington State University Extension.  Or, it can be downloaded and printed from a pdf at http://bit.ly/OSU_ReduceBeePoisoning or from Washington State’s http://www.step-project.net/NPDOCS/PNW%20591.pdf .

3. The Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists have recently released the 3rd update of their popular Honey Bee Diseases & Pests. Cost is $10.00 (Canadian) plus postage and I would suggest members order through their local club or association as bulk mailing t will reduce the overall cost of postage. Orders can be placed directly with Janet Tam at shrewless@yahoo.com

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